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New technology for Ozone Generator

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High Discharge Efficiency, Long service life, High stability and Low standby rate

Intelligent Frequency Conversion Pulse Power Technology

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Excellent equipment features,Small floor area, Long service life, Low energy consumption, Convenient maintenance and Low standby rate.

Cabinet Type Ozone Generator System

One-Stop Customized Service,From Design + Production + Installation + Maintenance And Operation
Integrated Ozone Generator Container System
More Applications

More Than 14 Years Experience In Comprehensive Ecological And Environmental Improvement

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World’s Leading Water Pollution Control Industry Corporation

CityPower takes environmental protection as the starting point, the company is committed to the research of ozone generator products and its generation mechanism. It has independently developed cabinet-type ozone generation system products and supporting intelligent variable frequency pulse power supply and control systems, and has independent research and development design of ozone generators and supporting products, Manufacturing, sales, after-sales service and comprehensive solutions for advanced oxidation processes.


The new environmental treatment — ozone treatment

As a strong oxidizing gas, the ozone produced by the ozone generator on site has strong oxidizing and sterilizing performance and strong oxidizing ability. It is a good oxidant and disinfectant. Based on this characteristic, ozone can be widely used in the following fields:

Water Treatment

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Industrial waste water
  • Domestic sewage
  • Agricultural Sewage
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Space Disinfection

Measures to kill microorganisms or inhibit microbial reproduction by physical and chemical methods in a certain space.

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Semiconductor Industry

In semiconductor technology, high concentration ozone is used for wafer cleaning;

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For Laboratory

The laboratory is used for high concentration ozone experiment, etc

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Leachate Treatment

In the process of waste stacking and landfill, due to biochemical degradation such as compaction and fermentation, as well as the seepage of precipitation and groundwater, a liquid with high concentration of organic or inorganic components is produced

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Flue Gas Denitration

The importance of systems for removing sputum oxygenates from waste to prevent environmental pollution has been sharply raised as a worldwide problem

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Ozone Application & Cases

Citypower Ozone Generator Technology

As a special water, electricity, and gas integrated equipment, the ozone generator usually includes six parts: PLC control system, power supply system, air source system, cooling water system, dosing system and discharge body. The dosing system is based on different applications. There are different designs and requirements. The ozone generator has three different oxygen supply methods, mainly: liquid oxygen source, PSA oxygen production, VPSA oxygen production


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