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Application of ozone in pig farms!

We all know that the harmful gases in pig farms seriously exceed the standard, mainly including the following hazards:

1: Harm of too strong ammonia smell:

Ammonia has strong irritation and strong irritation to mucous membrane,

It often causes congestion and edema of porcine conjunctiva and upper respiratory mucosa, or has adverse effects on the growth and development of pigs,

In serious cases, it can cause death of pigs:

2: Hydrogen sulfide:

Sulfur containing organics in pig feces and residual feed are produced by decomposition of harmful bacteria.

Main hazards of high hydrogen sulfide content: hydrogen sulfide is no less irritating than ammonia. It can also cause keratitis, conjunctivitis and stimulate respiratory mucosa. In severe cases, it can lead to death in respiratory center. Long term chronic stimulation decreased the physique and production performance of pigs

How to solve the odor and harmful gas of pig farm?

1: Feeding deodorization: the pigsty is very smelly, which is mainly caused by excessive ammonia emission

First, increase the dilution of feed to enhance the absorption capacity of pigs,

Reduce the excretion of pigs, ammonia will naturally be discharged less.

2: Ventilation: ventilation and deodorization of pigsty is one of the means

3: Timely cleaning of feces and urine: timely cleaning of feces and urine can reduce the odor of the enclosure. It is recommended to clean feces 1-2 times a day,

4: Solution:

Ozone is a very strong gas oxidant, bactericide and disinfectant, which can effectively produce a variety of oxidation reactions from outside to inside of microbial cells, directly destroy its ribonucleic acid (RNA) or deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) substances, and completely kill bacteria and mold microorganisms. Ozone first acts on the cell membrane, damaging the components of the membrane, causing metabolic disorders and inhibiting its growth. While ozone penetrates, it penetrates into the tissue in the membrane and destroys its structure. Because the cell membrane expands and thins under high humidity, its tissue is easy to be destroyed by ozone. Ozone sterilization time is short and the effect is obvious. It can be used in air, water and object surface

The pig house, feed warehouse, disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, sewage decolorization, air purification and waste gas ozone of the farm can be solved.

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