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Application of ozone technology in printing and dyeing wastewater industry

Printing and dyeing wastewater is characterized by high organic content, poor biodegradability, and high chroma. It can be added at multiple points according to different purposes by taking advantage of the strong oxidizing properties of ozone.

(1) Improve biodegradability: ozone is added to the front stage (before biochemical).
(2) Reduce chromaticity: add ozone in the latter stage (after aerobic).
(3) Reduce COD: post ozone + activated carbon (advanced treatment).

For printing and dyeing wastewater, the optimized process of physicochemical, anaerobic, aerobic, and ozone advanced treatment is adopted, and the effluent can reach the reuse standard, which is of great significance to the promotion of “energy saving and emission reduction”.

CityPower ozone generator is a new generation of plate-type ozone generator. The plate-type ozone generator is a new-generation product with a plate structure and a unique intelligent variable frequency pulse power supply as the core. It consists of a discharge chamber, an ozone power supply system, a control system, and an internal circulating cooling water system. And some ancillary equipment, the product output can range from 100g/h-150kg/h.

The plate-type ozone generator has many advantages such as small footprint, long service life, low energy consumption, convenient maintenance and repair, and low standby rate. It can be widely used in water treatment, flue gas denitrification treatment, space disinfection, landfill leachate treatment, etc. Areas.

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