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Application of ozone technology in the pharmaceutical industry the pharmaceutical industry

1.1 Application in HVAC system

The appropriate ozone generator can be selected according to the volume of the clean room, and the external ozone generator can be connected to the appropriate position of the main air supply and return air ducts of the HVAC system through a pipe. The PLC control system can preset process parameters such as disinfection time. When disinfecting, close about 90% of the fresh air inlet valve and the return air outlet valve, so that the entire disinfected clean room air will pass through the air duct of the purification system to form a circulating state. Air sterilization is carried out for 1 hour every day, which can replace chemical fumigation and equipment surface sterilization. It needs to be started for 2-2.5 hours. It can also be used as a stand-alone unit in any clean room with a return air outlet for local sterilization.

1.2 The role of the transfer window

When materials are transferred between clean rooms of different levels or between non-clean rooms and clean rooms, a specially designed transfer window with an ozone generator can be used.

1.3 Sterilize materials, tooling molds, work clothes, etc.

Ozone room temperature sterilization box or ozone sterilization drying box can be selected according to the sterilization object, such as the ozone room temperature sterilization box used for the aluminum-plastic composite cover sterilization in the powder injection production line. Multiple drying processes.

1.4 Sterilization of airtight container pipes

Disinfection and sterilization of closed containers such as liquid infusion, material conveying pipelines, filtration systems, material storage tanks, reaction tanks, etc., and a dedicated ozone generator can be used to produce 100-level purified compressed air from the self-prepared oil-gas pump and input into the ozone generation room to produce 300μg Ozone gas with a concentration above /L is introduced into the equipment or system that needs to be sterilized.

1.5 Used for process water treatment

The process water can be terminally sterilized with an ozone generator.

1.6 Sterilize powder raw materials and some Chinese medicine raw materials

Ozone is introduced into a closed container, and the powder raw materials and some Chinese medicine raw materials are sterilized by turning or stirring of the materials in the container, which solves the problem of difficult sterilization of powders or some Chinese medicine raw materials for many years.

2 Applications in other related fields

(1) Ozone disinfection and sterilization of mineral water, purified water, high-quality drinking water, food and beverages. Among them, in the water quality treatment process, most of the microorganisms have been removed, but even when the water is treated by microfiltration, ultrafiltration and other methods, all the bacterial substances in the water cannot be removed.

(2) The traditional technology cannot meet the residents’ requirements for water quality, and ozone has become the most suitable disinfectant for secondary pressurization. Carry out ozone disinfection and sterilization in the direct drinking water of the pipeline. Pipeline direct drinking water has become a development trend, and many cities and regions have successively tried to develop and construct pipeline water supply.

(3) Ozone disinfection and sterilization of bottle caps, utensils and pipelines in beverage and food industries.

(4) Ozone sterilization of aquatic products, fruits, clean vegetables, anti-mold and fresh-keeping treatment, and ozone removal of pesticides.

(5) Ozone sterilization and disinfection of tableware, tea set and bedding in hotels and restaurants.

(6) The ozone air purification and disinfection of various enterprises and institutions such as banks, credit unions, schools, kindergartens, hotels, theaters and buses and other public places, hospitals, operating rooms, large and medium-sized livestock and poultry farms, etc.

(7) Efficient ozone decomposition and treatment of industrial wastewater containing phenol cyanide organic ammonia, nitrile nitro dyes, organic phosphorus, organic chlorine compounds and other wastewater.

(8) Ozone decomposition and purification of SO2, NO2, H2S mercaptan, sulfide and other industrial wastewater.

(9) Water purification and ozone disinfection treatment in aquaculture farms, bathrooms, and swimming pools

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