Flue Gas Denitration

Ozone is used as oxidant to oxidize no insoluble in water in flue gas into higher priced nitrogen oxides, and then spray and wash the flue gas with corresponding absorption solution to realize flue gas denitration treatment. This technology has high denitration efficiency (90%) and no requirements for flue gas temperature. It can be used as a supplement to other denitration technologies to achieve deep denitration.

Ozone oxidation absorption denitration method uses ozone as oxidant to oxidize no insoluble in water in flue gas into NO2 or higher priced nitrogen oxides, and then spray and wash the flue gas with corresponding absorption solution (water, alkali solution, acid solution or metal complex solution, etc.) to transfer the nitrogen oxides in the gas phase to the liquid phase, so as to realize the denitration treatment of flue gas.

The oxidized flue gas mainly reacts in the scrubber as follows:




The whole set of ozone oxidation denitration process system is simple and easy to transform on the basis of the original desulfurization tower and realize simultaneous desulfurization and denitration; High denitration efficiency (up to more than 90%); According to the real-time monitoring of nitrogen oxides in flue gas, the accurate control of oxidant (ozone) dosage can be realized, so that the operation efficiency of the system is not affected by the boiler operation state; The operating temperature of the system is low, which can realize low-temperature denitration treatment; The system operation efficiency does not decrease with the increase of operation time, which greatly reduces the shutdown and maintenance time of denitration system; The oxidation capacity of ozone can also realize the oxidative removal of other harmful components (such as mercury) in flue gas, which can meet the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements in the future.

At present, the technology has been applied in the domestic petrochemical industry. Its denitration efficiency is generally greater than 85%, up to more than 90%; No emission concentration can be less than 20mg / m3; The project investment of 1 million m3 / h is about 50 million;

Long service life, stable and reliable operation and low price

High efficiency, low energy,consumption,

small size

Mature and stable technology, simple operation and high denitration efficiency


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Citypower Ozone Generator Technology

As a special water, electricity, and gas integrated equipment, the ozone generator usually includes six parts: PLC control system, power supply system, air source system, cooling water system, dosing system and discharge body. The dosing system is based on different applications. There are different designs and requirements. The ozone generator has three different oxygen supply methods, mainly: liquid oxygen source, PSA oxygen production, VPSA oxygen production


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