Space Purification and Disinfection

Ozone can kill more than 90% of the natural bacteria in the air, which is in line with the national standard for the death rate of natural bacteria in the air ≥90%. At the same time, ozone is transformed into oxygen in the disinfection process, and the remaining small amount of ozone molecules that do not participate in the disinfection will automatically decompose into oxygen, with no residue and no pollution. In a relatively closed environment, ozone disinfection diffuses evenly and contains well, overcoming the inherent characteristics of ultraviolet radiation and various sterilization methods. It can achieve the purpose of comprehensive, rapid and efficient sterilization.

Cold Storage

  • Kill microorganisms and disinfect
  • Achieve a 50% reduction in spoilage
  • Deodorization and purification
  • Inhibit the ripening process-keep fresh
  • Inhibit the growth of mold

Food workshop purification

  • High disinfection efficiency
  • Bactericidal broad spectrum
  • No secondary pollution
  • Disinfection without dead ends
  • Energy saving

Farm disinfection

  • Degradation of ammonia in the Farm
  • Reduce respiratory disease
  • Sterilize livestock and poultry drinking water
  • Freshen the air in the Farm
  • Air is thoroughly sterilized

Our Advantages

Mature Technology

After years of market testing, the products have stable quality, high evaluation and high market share.

Rich Experience

The company has rich experience in project implementation and participation for several years, and has rich industry experience in production, transportation, installation and after-sales

Maintenance Service

The company has good after-sales service, product and personnel training and long-term technical support, so that customers have no worries

High Technology

  • R & D develops independently, upgrades and innovates quickly
  • Stable processing technology, high precision and small error
  • Modular installation, more efficient equipment maintenance and repair without mutual influence

High Efficiency

  • The product material is safe and durable with long service life
  • The equipment uses frequency conversion and high voltage, which makes the output higher and more stable.
  • Container modularization, more convenient and stable transportation and installation.

Cost Savings

  • The equipment has small volume, small occupied area, mature technology and better price
  • Efficient power control system, saving energy by 50%
  • Online real-time data monitoring is available to reduce personnel costs

Citypower Ozone Generator Technology

As a special water, electricity, and gas integrated equipment, the ozone generator usually includes six parts: PLC control system, power supply system, air source system, cooling water system, dosing system and discharge body. The dosing system is based on different applications. There are different designs and requirements. The ozone generator has three different oxygen supply methods, mainly: liquid oxygen source, PSA oxygen production, VPSA oxygen production


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