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Citypower ozone Technology provide new solution for watertreatment.

Water resources are becoming increasingly scarce while wastewater requirements are becoming more stringent. Reuse is both economical and environmentally friendly solution.

In every industrial process water, disinfection and organic/inorganic pollution are crucial part of the total production quality system.
A combination of technologies can condition wastewater to process water requirements.CityPower ozoneTech can provide complete ozone and advanced oxidation process solutions to meet or exceed your requirements.

Ozone and advanced oxidation technologies are successfully used in many industries and markets for disinfection, oxidation, TOC and COD reduction applications.
• Ultra-pure water, electronic & pharmaceutical industries
• Drinking water supplies
• Ground water remediation
• Industrial & municipal wastewater
• Reclaim & reuse & recycling
• Food and beverage industries
• Public and private swimming pools, spas, hospitals
• Cooling water systems
• Bottling & rinsing plants
• Fish hatcheries and farms

• Gas effluent treatment
• Air deodorization
• Colour, odour, taste removal
• Chemical processes

How To Get Started

Contact us, Let’s find the most suitable, environmentally friendly and economical solution for each unique project.