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Defects of ozonation process

In the industrial application project of ozone, there are also some problems in process design and operation management.

For example, the strong oxidation of ozone will corrode the process equipment in contact with it. All links exposed to ozone should fully consider its anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation measures, such as anti-corrosion coating for concrete structure, material above 316SS for steel body and material above Teflon for lining ring;

Some flocculent suspended solids will be produced in ozonation reaction, and there will be a risk of blocking aeration system, pipeline and valve during equipment shutdown;

Some of the surfactants in the ozone aeration tank or reactor will produce a lot of bubbles due to surface tension, which will cause difficulties in operation. The reaction pool or reaction tower should prepare defoaming measures, such as surface spray or mechanical defoaming.

When the height of the reaction tank is limited, incomplete ozone will be discharged with the tail gas. Tail gas reuse equipment or tail gas destruction equipment shall be set to reduce the discharge of ozone tail gas;

Ozone reaction involves gas-liquid phase reaction. More optimized gas-liquid mixing devices, such as pressurized tower, jet aeration and microporous aeration, can be used to increase ozone solubility and improve the applicability of ozone reactor for large-scale use;

Since the ozone generator is a high power consumption equipment, and some equipment also involves pure oxygen gas source, a special area shall be set in operation management, and detection instruments shall be added to eliminate the danger caused by oxygen leakage or circuit failure to equipment operation, so as to carry out scientific operation management.

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