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Do you know the concentration and output required for ozone space disinfection?

Do you know that the calculation method of ozone disinfection technical parameters is generally calculated as follows:



W: The output of the actual selected ozone generator, the unit is g/h

C: Ozone concentration to be maintained for workshop disinfection

V: Actual volume of ozone disinfection

S: Ozone decay coefficient 420.8

Ozone disinfection volume V=V1+V2+V3

For example, if the factory sterilizes the air, the concentration of the ozone generator required for the clean room is set at C=10ppm, but in fact, the disinfection of the clean area is not only the disinfection of the air, but also the disinfection of the surface of the object. Therefore, our design The concentration C is 20 ppm.

The following is your 1 system parameter: you need to position the concentration of 10ppm, we design it as 20ppm, ozone 1PPM=2.14mg/m³, total: C=42.8 mg/m³.

1. System: The air supply volume of the air conditioning unit is about 35000m3/h, (this air volume is my estimate, you can replace it according to the actual air volume) Room volume: 1750m3, air duct volume: about 180m3. (The volume of the duct is generally considered to be 10% of the volume of the room)


Use a 236g/h ozone generator

Ozone generator calculations are all based on hours. The ozone generator reaches its own ozone output after working for one hour. According to the set ozone concentration, the ozone output calculated according to the formula can reach the set ozone concentration after one hour of starting the machine. If you need to reach the set concentration value in advance, you can appropriately increase the ozone output of the ozone generator.

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