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Major Benefits of Ozone Water treatment

There are many ways to purify water and remove toxins and pollutants, but ozonation has many benefits beyond simple purification. It’s beginning to take the world by storm as people understand how ozonated water and impact their lives.

Ozone filtration is the method of injecting ozone into the water for residential and commercial water filtration. An ozone generator charges oxygen to create the ozone, which is an oxidizer. Once in the water, it attacks and neutralizes the contaminants and then reverts back to oxygen.

Advantages of ozone water treatment

Ozone is called “cleaning disinfectant”, which can be quickly decomposed into oxygen without secondary pollution;

Ozone can remove the color, smell, taste and phenol chlorine in sewage. Increase dissolved oxygen in water and improve water quality;

Ozone is an excellent oxidant, has a strong disinfection effect, and can kill chlorine-resistant viruses and spores;

Ozone disinfection technology is widely used in the treatment of breeding water, drinking water, sea water, sewage, and the disinfection of environmental objects. It is called the “universal disinfectant”. It can also be used for flue gas denitration, pulp disinfection and bleaching, etc.

Ozone has a fast sterilization speed, which is about 600-3000 times that of chlorine. In the same sterilization (99.9% E. coli), its concentration is 0.000048 times that of chlorine;

Ozone can decompose difficult-to-biodegradable organic matter and CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic or reproductive toxicity), thereby improving the biodegradability of sewage.

Ozone disinfection is less affected by pH and temperature of wastewater;

Ozone can be produced on-site in practical applications. Simple, economical and highly available;

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