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New technology for Ozone Generator

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High Discharge Efficiency, Long service life, High stability and Low standby rate

Intelligent Frequency Conversion Pulse Power Technology

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Excellent equipment features,Small floor area, Long service life, Low energy consumption, Convenient maintenance and Low standby rate.

Cabinet Type Ozone Generator System

One-Stop Customized Service,From Design + Production + Installation + Maintenance And Operation
Integrated Ozone Generator Container System
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More Than 14 Years Experience In Comprehensive Ecological And Environmental Improvement

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Welcome to CityPower


New Technology of Ozone Generator

Cabinet type ozone generator

14 Years Manufacturing of Ozone Generator for Sewage treatment,Space disinfection.

In recent years, due to the importance and deepening of environmental pollution in various countries, new methods of pollution control have been promoted. Citypower is an innovative company focusing on technology research and development in Singapore. Based on the environmental protection cause of water and gas treatment, Citypower is committed to the R & D and application of new ozone generator products and their generation mechanism. The independent research and development of cabinet type ozone generation system products & supporting intelligent frequency conversion pulse power supply & control system have made breakthroughs in the plate structure design of ozone generator. The R & D achievements have been authorized to Xiamen RECH Technology Co., Ltd., a Chinese cooperative manufacturer, for production and sales for many years. At present, the ozone generation system has been fully tested and verified in the Chinese market, and major projects have been applied and well used in the Chinese market.

The cabinet ozone generator system has two characteristics: flat discharge technology and power supply technology. It has the advantages of high discharge efficiency, long service life, high stability and low standby rate.

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CITY POWER provides products and services for the entire chain of ozone generators, and can provide customers with fast and effective advanced oxidation technology solutions.

Sewage treatment,Space disinfection,Flue gas denitrification, small high-concentration equipment in semiconductor industry, laboratory, leachate treatment

Our Mission

We are determined to use new technology power supply to help air treatment, waste treatment, water treatment and other environmental protection undertakings.

Our Core Technology

R & D and manufacturing of core equipment

Engineering design and technical support

EPC Construction

Operation & maintenance of equipment

Citypower Ozone Generator Technology

As a special water, electricity, and gas integrated equipment, the ozone generator usually includes six parts: PLC control system, power supply system, air source system, cooling water system, dosing system and discharge body. The dosing system is based on different applications. There are different designs and requirements. The ozone generator has three different oxygen supply methods, mainly: liquid oxygen source, PSA oxygen production, VPSA oxygen production


Experienced Professionals

Citypower ozone scientific and technological innovation team was established in 2007. It is a team specially established to study the scientific and technological innovation of ozone generator in sewage treatment, space anti-virus, domestic water, aquaculture water treatment and so on.

Jan Ma

Project Manager

According to the particularity and requirements of customers’ projects, formulate suggestions, plans and schemes, and make the most reasonable schemes and quotations to satisfy customers.

Alex lin


The design and development of ozone generator and professional technology make the products more efficient and durable.

July Li

Construction engineering

Design the most reasonable structure and layout according to the customer’s place of origin and product situation. Easy installation and maintenance.

Some of Our Services

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Our Locations

Singapore: Designing Office

Singapore: Designing Office

152 Beach Road, #14-03 Gateway East,Gateway East,Singapore  189721





56 Qianpu Industrial Park, Siming District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China 361000

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