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Principle of advanced ozone oxidation technology

Ozone is an oxidant with excellent performance. It can oxidize and decompose the refractory organic matter in the water body, and cooperate with other processes to deeply treat the wastewater, so as to meet the discharge standard. So how is ozonation technology widely used in various fields of water treatment?

In wastewater treatment, there are two main oxidation modes between ozone and pollutants: direct oxidation and indirect oxidation.

Direct oxidation is the direct oxidation reaction between ozone and pollutants; Indirect oxidation is to decompose ozone and generate hydroxyl radical through some technical means, and then oxidize with organic matter.

In direct oxidation, there is a selective reaction between ozone molecules and pollutants, and the total organic carbon content does not decrease significantly after oxidation. It is mainly to convert macromolecular organics into small molecule organics. The overall oxidation degree is not high. These organics broken into small molecules usually have high biodegradability, In industrial applications, ozone is also used as an industrial wastewater pretreatment link to increase the B / C ratio of wastewater.

In indirect oxidation, the · Oh produced is the best oxidant in advanced oxidation. It can quickly oxidize and even mineralize organic matter in water, quickly reduce the content of organic carbon in water, and the oxidation process is not selective. It has a good oxidation effect on a wide range of refractory organic matter.

Ozone is bactericidal. Through the contact oxidation between ozone and protein organic substances on cell membrane, cytoplasm and chromosome, it can quickly inactivate proteins and play the effect of sterilization and sterilization. In industry, ozone is also used for desulfurization, denitration and deodorization. Its essence is also the oxidation property of ozone.

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