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Ozone: the safety and sustainability of food and beverages

During the COVID-19 crisis, the global food and beverage (F&B) disinfection market-estimated at $148.9 million last year-is expected to grow to $191.8 million by 2027. With these figures as the background, the advantages of ozone systems in the catering industry, which provide residue-free disinfection, oxidation and disinfection, have attracted more and more attention.

Why is it more and more popular?
Ozone is one of the most powerful commercially available oxidants and disinfectants. The ozone gas quickly dissolves in the water, contacts the wetted surface, and then decomposes back to oxygen in the solution, leaving no residue in the treatment stream. And it’s safe.

Ozone dissolves in water to form a very powerful antibacterial agent. Ozone is produced by oxygen using electrolysis (high frequency silent discharge) and has been used for disinfection of drinking water for more than 100 years. The ozone generator system is easy to install and operate, and only air and electricity are needed to naturally generate ozone for disinfection.

In applications that do not require residual disinfection, ozone has proven to be an alternative disinfection solution.

Ozone is also no stranger to the food processing industry.
A study in the late 1990s showed that higher dissolved ozone concentrations would immediately inactivate bacteria. The use of ozone in these applications simplifies the disinfection process while still providing a measurable and effective solution.

One of the main benefits of ozone to the food industry is that it quickly decomposes to form oxygen without leaving any residue. When necessary, the ozone generator can be combined with ultraviolet rays.

In order to obtain greater flexibility and portable points of use, CityPower has developed a plate-type ozone generator, a generator system with a smaller volume, a longer life, and a larger output-just connect it to the air source and water supply system. Provide instant ozone water anywhere in the production facility.

These solutions are now equipped with our latest innovative technology, smart high-voltage high-frequency power supplies, designed to help you maximize operating efficiency by providing a new method to control power to achieve precise O3 output with less energy.

Bottom line
Ozone water is very effective, especially where there is evidence of bacterial resistance, no residues are required, and the taste and smell of the finished product will not be affected. Ozone can be easily applied to all equipment and work surfaces in the food and beverage industry, from brewing, wine making and bottled water to vegetable packaging and cake making. CityPower’s ozone generator system will provide years of trouble-free operation, providing solutions for today and tomorrow.

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