• CityPower is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales, design, installation and maintenance of environmental protection and fire extinguishing systems. At present, the company's products have been applied to many industries such as construction, transportation, industry, tobacco, metallurgy, tunnel, archives, electrical, communication, power generation, ship, amusement, stage and so on to provide professional solutions such as fire protection, drive and control. The company has modern workshops and office buildings, and constantly introduces excellent professionals and advanced technical equipment at home and abroad. It is equipped with a product R & D center with advanced scientific research and monitoring equipment at home and abroad, and a fire extinguishing device production line with complete types and advanced facilities. And establish a perfect after-sales service system, effectively serve the public, win high praise from users, and provide configuration services for large-scale fire protection projects of many well-known enterprises at home and abroad. We are committed to making the earth a better place!
  • Fire fighting robot What is a fire robot? Fire fighting robot, fire fighting robot, used for fire fighting. Why choose fire robots? Firefighters are great. They have saved many lives, but they always stay in dangerous places. They use some good equipment, masks and clothes, but many firefighters still die every year. Fire fighting robot is a kind of equipment that can provide video, voice, pull fire hose and put out fire with water gun. They can walk in the fire and keep firefighters away from danger. In this way, they can protect firefighters in another way. They can't protect firefighters like protecting clothes, but they can enter the fire scene instead of firefighters. How does the fire robot work? The fire robot is remote controlled, so firefighters can control it 100 meters away from the fire. Video and voice can be displayed on the control screen, and then firefighters can control it to the estimated position.
  • Water mist fire extinguishing principle: Water mist fire extinguishing system is a kind of fire extinguishing system that uses the small droplets formed after the pressure water flows through the special water mist nozzle for fire extinguishing or protective cooling. The average diameter of water mist droplets is less than 200pm, the specific surface area and density are high, vaporize rapidly in case of high flame temperature, and the volume can expand by more than 1700 times, which greatly reduces the oxygen concentration in the protection area, It has strong vaporization cooling effect and oxygen isolation suffocation effect, absorbs a lot of heat at the same time, plays the twin role of isolating oxygen and cooling, and achieves the purpose of rapid fire extinguishing. The fire extinguishing efficiency is more than 100 times that of ordinary water spray.
  • The wheeled water mist fire extinguishing device is mainly composed of high-pressure water mist pump set, portable cart, high-pressure reel, spray gun and other fire-fighting products. The device takes the gasoline engine as the power source, which is flexible and convenient. The water tank is specially designed with a two-layer structure. A interlayer is designed on the inner side of the opening cover to store fire-extinguishing additives. The main space of the water tank is used to store pure water, In case of no fire, the water and additives are separated to facilitate the storage of additives and the maintenance and demonstration of equipment.

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