Backpack Water Mist Foam Fire Fighting System

CityPower is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales, design, installation and maintenance of environmental protection and fire extinguishing systems. At present, the company’s products have been applied to many industries such as construction, transportation, industry, tobacco, metallurgy, tunnel, archives, electrical, communication, power generation, ship, amusement, stage and so on to provide professional solutions such as fire protection, drive and control.

The company has modern workshops and office buildings, and constantly introduces excellent professionals and advanced technical equipment at home and abroad. It is equipped with a product R & D center with advanced scientific research and monitoring equipment at home and abroad, and a fire extinguishing device production line with complete types and advanced facilities. And establish a perfect after-sales service system, effectively serve the public, win high praise from users, and provide configuration services for large-scale fire protection projects of many well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

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1. Description

Backpack Water Mist Foam Fire Fighting System

Backpack water mist gun is suitable for: combustible solid fire (Class A), combustible liquid fire (Class B) and electrical fire (Class E). It is used in initial fire and later spot clean, distinguish remaining fire and avoid re-burning, especially for the fire distinguishing in initial fire. It is applicable for fire in urban residential areas, tunnels, markets, elevated highways, tall buildings, vehicles and etc. Its use can avoid a large number of manpower and material resources input caused by fire spread.

Backpack water mist gun not only can be used by single person, but also equipped on vehicle. It also can be combined with air breathing apparatus.



2.Products Photos

With Fireproof Mask:

Without Fireproof Mask:

3. Technical Parameter


4.  Advantages

 The knapsack water mist fire extinguishing device works completely independently, wears clothes on the back, and carries the fire extinguishing stock solution. It has obvious advantages over the narrow aisle and space that are difficult to reach by common equipment, and is suitable for emergency fire fighting in various occasions

The backpack type water mist fire extinguishing device has 2 sprinklers equipped with a spray gun. Through simple conversion, two spray effects of water mist and direct current foam can be realized. The bubble film emission system is a real compressed air foam system. It has fine and stable foam and is more efficient in the process of extinguishing fire.

The spraying distance is long, and the knapsack water mist fire extinguishing device has an effective spraying distance of more than 11 meters and a fine water spraying distance of more than 6 meters. The longer spraying distance makes the operator safer and more stable, so as to improve the operation effect.

This product has the obvious advantages of high pollution removal efficiency, fast treatment, good atomization effect, multi-directional cross logistics, comprehensive coverage and strong adhesion for toxic gas accidents, so as to effectively prevent pollution diffusion.

Water mist can extinguish the fire and protect damaged items to the greatest extent, especially precious materials with valuable value and easy to be polluted, such as museums, cultural relics, ancient buildings and precious books. There is no pollution and residue after fire extinguishing, so that the reduction degree of items is high.



5. Application Are:

  • Religious sites:

Religious activity sites are places where religious believers hold collective religious activities, with dense personnel and complex facilities, and more stringent requirements for fire-fighting equipment. First of all, the fire extinguishing medium can not cause harm to the human body. After a fire, the densely populated places can not quickly withdraw from the fire site at one time. Therefore, the fire protection system requires to extinguish the fire without complete evacuation. Secondly, its building materials are mainly wood structure, and the fire-fighting grade requirements are high, so the general sprinkler system is difficult to meet its requirements.

  • Ancient dwellings:

Ancient folk houses mainly refer to ancient Chinese folk houses with wood structure as architectural characteristics. They often leave the impression that there is nothing to do in the face of fire. However, it retains the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture and customs, which is of great help to the study of ancient humanities, so its fire prevention and disaster prevention is essential. Ordinary fire extinguishing technology will inevitably leave a lot of residues in the fire extinguishing process, which will bring great difficulties to the later repair work.

  • Forest fire prevention:

Forest fire is not only the most dangerous enemy of the forest, but also the most terrible disaster of the forest. It will bring the most harmful and destructive consequences to the forest. Forest fires not only burn forests and damage animals in the forest, but also reduce the reproductive capacity of the forest, cause soil barrenness and destroy the role of the forest in water conservation, and even lead to the imbalance of the ecological environment.

  • Subway, airport and other crowded passenger transport centers

Airports, subways, passenger stations and other places have large passenger flow, noisy personnel, difficult to control fire safety, and can easily become terrorist attack sites. Therefore, fast and efficient fire-fighting equipment must be equipped for emergency use.


6. Case:

7. The Company Certificates:







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