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Fire fighting robot

What is a fire robot? Fire fighting robot, fire fighting robot, used for fire fighting. Why choose fire robots? Firefighters are great. They have saved many lives, but they always stay in dangerous places. They use some good equipment, masks and clothes, but many firefighters still die every year. Fire fighting robot is a kind of equipment that can provide video, voice, pull fire hose and put out fire with water gun. They can walk in the fire and keep firefighters away from danger. In this way, they can protect firefighters in another way. They can’t protect firefighters like protecting clothes, but they can enter the fire scene instead of firefighters. How does the fire robot work? The fire robot is remote controlled, so firefighters can control it 100 meters away from the fire. Video and voice can be displayed on the control screen, and then firefighters can control it to the estimated position.


1. Description

As a kind of special robot, intelligent patrol fire extinguishing robot plays an increasingly important role in fire fighting and rescue. Various large petrochemical enterprises, tunnels and subways are increasing, and the potential hazards of oil, gas and toxic gas leakage and explosion, tunnel and subway collapse are increasing. Such disasters have the characteristics of strong sudden, complex disposal process, great harm and difficult prevention and control.

The intelligent patrol fire extinguishing robot can replace the fire rescue personnel to enter the scene of flammable, explosive, toxic, anoxic, dense smoke and other dangerous disasters and accidents for data collection, processing and feedback, and effectively solve the problems of personal safety and insufficient data information collection faced by firefighters in the above places. According to the feedback results, the on-site commander can make scientific judgment on the disaster situation in time and make correct and reasonable decisions on the on-site work of disaster accidents.

The artificial intelligence technology is applied to the fire extinguishing robot, so that it can intelligently detect, track and extinguish the fire, and intelligently identify and analyze the data and images. At the same time, replacing and supplementing the current fire rescue force with artificial intelligence fire extinguishing robot will also greatly enhance and improve the combat effectiveness of the fire brigade and put out all kinds of fires quickly and efficiently.

Comprehensive, three-dimensional, information, collectivization and rapid mobility have become the prominent characteristics of fire rescue in the future. The innovation and breakthrough of artificial intelligence have produced subversive changes in the production and lifestyle of human society.

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3.  Technical Parameter



4.Function of water mist spray gun

Water mist refers to the use of high-pressure plunger pump to pressurize the water, and then spray it through a special nozzle. The water rubs strongly with the air and tears into tiny particles with a particle size of dv0 5 less than 200um, dv0 99 water mist drops less than 400um. High pressure micro water mist fire extinguishing equipment mainly refers to the equipment that can be portable and mobile, and can carry out fire fighting independently by using the fire extinguishing principle of micro water mist and combined with specific functions. The main products are wheeled water mist fire extinguishing device, knapsack water mist fire extinguishing device, vehicle mounted water mist fire extinguishing device, motorcycle water mist fire extinguishing device, etc.

under the minimum design working pressure, the plane (dv0.5) sprayed through the nozzle and 1m down the nozzle axis is less than 200 μ m. (dv0.99) less than 400 μ M water mist drops. Dv0. 99 in the total volume of spray liquid, 1% is droplet larger than the value, and male 99% is composed of droplets with diameters less than or equal to this value. Dv0. 5 for the volume median diameter, 50% of the total volume of the spray liquid is composed of droplets larger than the value, and the other 50% are droplets with diameters less than or equal to this value.

5. Product advantages

  1. Under the condition of pressure and water, it can be remotely entered into dangerous places (fire vehicles and personnel can’t get close), and the fire environment investigation and fire fighting can be carried out.
  2. The mobile crawler carrier and water mist spray gun are equipped with a crawler device with strong mobility, which is suitable for various road conditions. The functions of walking, turning, crossing obstacles, climbing, rotating in place and extinguishing fire can be realized through the remote control device;
  3. The rear of the wireless charging robot is equipped with a wireless charging panel, which can automatically return to the field for charging after a task trip, which is efficient and convenient.
  4. Remote control technology using Internet of things to achieve mobile phone remote control robot, in terms of rescue time and security is more advanced.
  5. Through the image transmission system, the live fire fighting and rescue scene can be wirelessly transmitted to the operators and commanders in the back field, and can be wirelessly transmitted to the on-site command center;


6. Application Are:

  • High temperature, strong thermal radiation, toxic and harmful, easy to collapse site

There are a large number of flammable and explosive substances in petrochemical areas and oil irrigation areas. Once a danger occurs, it is often accompanied by a large number of flammable substance leakage. The combustion process of leaked substances is very easy to cause secondary accidents such as explosion and collapse. Strong radiation, toxic and harmful gases pose a serious threat to the personal safety of firefighters and the safety of fire fighting equipment such as fire engines. It is very dangerous for firefighters to enter.

For the fire rescue in petrochemical, oil tank farm, large warehouse and other places with high temperature, strong thermal radiation, toxicity, harm and easy collapse, the fire-fighting robot can operate in the most dangerous position. The fire-fighting robot can effectively cool the oil storage tank in Petrochemical area to prevent the fire from prolonging. The application of fire-fighting robot can effectively reduce the casualties of fire fighters.

  • Tunnel and subway sites

Highway tunnels and subway sites are in a cylindrical structure. In case of fire, the smoke will accumulate in the tunnel, which is very easy to cause casualties. At the same time, due to the special location of the fire, it is easy to produce “chimney” effect, which will increase the temperature at the fire site in a short time and aggravate the spread of the fire. If the fire cannot be controlled in a short time, the smoke in the tunnel will lead to serious road congestion and make the rescue vehicles unable to reach the fire site.

The tunnel fire-fighting robot uses the smoke exhaust fan to spray high-pressure water mist, and the strong mist water flow can effectively block the cylindrical tunnel. Several fire-fighting robots are lined up in the tunnel for joint “relay” operation, which can create a safer channel for the stranded in the tunnel, facilitate personnel evacuation, and facilitate the fire-fighting crane to go deep into the tunnel. The fire-fighting robot, which has the function of climbing stairs and can enter the subway station for operation, is very suitable for subway places

  • High rise building fire

High rise buildings have many combustibles and large fire load. In case of fire, they burn violently and quickly due to “chimney effect”. In addition, the main building of high-rise building is high, the function is complex, the number of floors is large, the building forms are diverse, the personnel evacuation is difficult, and the fire fighting is difficult. The fire fighting of high-rise buildings should adhere to the principle of “based on self rescue, focusing on the fire fighting with fixed flood prevention facilities, supplemented by the fire fighting with mobile flood prevention facilities”. However, in the actual combat of flood prevention and rescue, the effect of the above methods is not good. Even if the more advanced lifting and flowing prevention rescue vehicle can not accurately understand the fire situation at the fire scene in advance, it is difficult to achieve the expected effect during rescue.

Using the fire prevention and extinguishing robot with reconnaissance function to enter the floor, go deep into the fire site for fire reconnaissance, find the fire point, and implement effective internal attack, strong smoke exhaust, search and rescue, which can greatly improve the utilization rate of fire extinguishing agent and the efficiency of smoke exhaust and fire rescue, effectively reduce losses and avoid casualties of firefighters. At the same time, the mobile anti robot with mobile anti reconnaissance function can also deliver necessary protection and self rescue tools for the trapped people, strengthen its protection and self rescue ability, and save time for waiting for rescue.

  • Cold storage and other special places

Thick smoke, toxicity and great dimming are difficult problems in fire extinguishing and rescue of cold storage. The temperature of cold storage is generally kept at 0 ~ 20 ℃, which is usually a long-span steel structure building with good heat insulation and moisture-proof performance and closed space. In the early stage of cold storage fire, the amount of heat star generated by spontaneous combustion is not enough to rapidly increase the temperature in the cold storage, but the low-temperature flue gas produced is more light reducing than the hot flue gas of general fire. Due to the sealing of the cold storage, the combustion is extremely insufficient, resulting in greater smoke toxicity and density. The fire extinguishing robot can directly enter the cold storage to implement smoke exhaust and fire extinguishing, so as to effectively improve the fire extinguishing efficiency.




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