Industrial Ozone Generator For Water Treatment Systems


This High performance ozone generator for water treatment,

Both ozone capacity and ozone concentration can be adjusted as you need. It can be customzied as you need, we provide OEM and ODM service.


  1. Description
    Large-scale Ozone generator
    CityPower CP-Oz series large cabinet-type ozone generator is a new generation product with a plate structure and unique smart variable-frequency impulse power source as the core.ozone output can be adjusted linearly. It can be customized and integrated to fit seamlessly into local conditions and processes. It has the advantages of small floor area, long service life, high ozone concentration,low power consumption,with Low operation and maintainance cost.

2. High frequency power supply system

The large cabinet-type ozone generator uses the advantages of the plate-type discharge structure to integrate the PLC intelligent variable frequency pulse power supply and the plate-type discharge body into each cabinet. The product output range can range from 80g to 150Kg. The product has many advantages such as low attenuation rate, long service life, low standby rate, convenient maintenance and repair, etc., and can be widely used in water treatment, flue gas denitrification, landfill leachate disposal and other fields.

3. Models:

4. Equipment Flow Chart:

It is composed of discharge room, ozone power supply system, control system, internal circulating cooling water system and some auxiliary equipment,

Intelligent frequency conversion pulse power supply

5. The Ozone Generation System Application 

The Cabinet-type ozone generation system has been widely used in

  1. municipal water supply,
  2. municipal sewage treatment and reuse,
  3. industrial wastewater treatment,
  4. flue gas denitration treatment,
  5. bleaching and decolorization,
  6. leachate treatment,
  7. laboratory scientific research,
  8. medical disinfection, space disinfection and other fields.

We can provide products and services for the whole ozone generator chain, and provide customers with fast and effective advanced oxidation technology solutions.

6. Advantages and features of the plate Ozone generator.

The panel module integrated ozone generator equipment independently developed by the company has an international leading level

1. Low operating cost: IGBT high frequency power supply reduces the loss of pressure device and saves energy by about 30% compared with similar ozone generators

2. Long service life: the service life of the equipment is more than 20 years, and the core components will never decay;

3. Small size, easy maintenance, and the equipment volume is less than 1 / 3 of that of similar products

4. Low procurement cost: no standby equipment, let alone shutdown for maintenance;

5. High safety: non pressure vessel, high frequency and high voltage military power supply;

6. High stability and reliability: module integrated design;

7. High ozone concentration: unique structural design, discharge gap < 0.2mm

8. Concentration does not decay: the electrode surface adopts special ceramic glaze treatment process

9. Easy to operate: different ozone yields can be achieved in a modular manner.


7. The Company Certificates:


8. The Cases:

Additional information

Model Detail:


Oxygen Flow Rate::


Compressed Air Consumption:


Oxygen Purity:

93 ± 3%

Oxygen Outlet Pressure:

0.1-0.3mpa adjustable

Power Supply:

220V, 50Hz (Accept Customized)



Operation Mode:

Fully Automatic

Sewage Discharge Mode:

Fully Automatic

Installation Environment:

skid mounted indoor (no foundation installation)

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