Vehicle mounted water mist fire extinguishing

Water mist fire extinguishing principle:

Water mist fire extinguishing system is a kind of fire extinguishing system that uses the small droplets formed after the pressure water flows through the special water mist nozzle for fire extinguishing or protective cooling. The average diameter of water mist droplets is less than 200pm, the specific surface area and density are high, vaporize rapidly in case of high flame temperature, and the volume can expand by more than 1700 times, which greatly reduces the oxygen concentration in the protection area, It has strong vaporization cooling effect and oxygen isolation suffocation effect, absorbs a lot of heat at the same time, plays the twin role of isolating oxygen and cooling, and achieves the purpose of rapid fire extinguishing. The fire extinguishing efficiency is more than 100 times that of ordinary water spray.


1. Description

The vehicle mounted water mist gun is suitable for fighting: combustible solid fire (Class A), combustible liquid fire (class B) and electrical fire (class E). It is mainly used to clean the fire site at the initial stage and later stage, eliminate residual fire and prevent re ignition. Especially in the initial fire fighting process, the effect is the most obvious. It is especially suitable for fighting fires in urban residential areas, venues, fairs, tunnels, elevated highways, high-rise buildings and vehicles. Its use can avoid delaying fighters and causing fire spread, which requires a lot of manpower and material resources to put out the fire. It has the advantages of high efficiency, mobility, flexibility and wide range of action. The vehicle mounted water mist gun is placed on the motor vehicle and can be used by one person or a few people.


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3.  Technical Parameter

1. Liquid storage bottle
2. Safety check valve
3. Top cover and exhaust valve assembly
4. Medium pressure gas transmission pipe (pressure reducer to liquid storage bottle)
5. Medium pressure gas transmission pipe (pressure reducer to reel)
6. Pressure relief valve
7. Cylinder stop valve
8. High pressure cylinder
9. Medium pressure infusion pipe (from liquid storage bottle to reel)
10. Delivery pipe (pipe in pipe)
11. Spray gun
12. Reel



4.Function of water mist spray gun

Water mist refers to the use of high-pressure plunger pump to pressurize the water, and then spray it through a special nozzle. The water rubs strongly with the air and tears into tiny particles with a particle size of dv0 5 less than 200um, dv0 99 water mist drops less than 400um. High pressure micro water mist fire extinguishing equipment mainly refers to the equipment that can be portable and mobile, and can carry out fire fighting independently by using the fire extinguishing principle of micro water mist and combined with specific functions. The main products are wheeled water mist fire extinguishing device, knapsack water mist fire extinguishing device, vehicle mounted water mist fire extinguishing device, motorcycle water mist fire extinguishing device, etc.

under the minimum design working pressure, the plane (dv0.5) sprayed through the nozzle and 1m down the nozzle axis is less than 200 μ m. (dv0.99) less than 400 μ M water mist drops. Dv0. 99 in the total volume of spray liquid, 1% is droplet larger than the value, and male 99% is composed of droplets with diameters less than or equal to this value. Dv0. 5 for the volume median diameter, 50% of the total volume of the spray liquid is composed of droplets larger than the value, and the other 50% are droplets with diameters less than or equal to this value.

5. Operation method and sequence

1. Fill the liquid storage bottle with the configured extinguishing agent and tighten the top cover;
2. Attach the 30MPa high-pressure gas cylinder to the fixed frame of the frame with a binding belt;
3. Connect the air inlet of the pressure reducer with the stop valve of the high-pressure gas cylinder and tighten the hand wheel (pay attention to check that the O-ring on the connecting rod of the pressure reducer is intact);
4. Slowly open the stop valve of the high-pressure cylinder to the maximum. At this time, the air pressure in the liquid storage bottle and the air chamber of the spray gun is 1.5MPa.
5. Take out the spray gun from the fixed seat of the frame (Note: all unions of the medium pressure pipe shall be tightened in place) and hold it firmly.
6. After aiming at the target, pull the trigger to launch, continuous injection or intermittent injection, controlled by the trigger.


6.Post use treatment

1. Close the stop valve of high-pressure gas cylinder;

2. Pull the trigger to discharge the remaining compressed air in the spray gun and liquid storage bottle;

3. Press the exhaust valve on the top of the liquid storage bottle to drain the possible residual gas in the liquid storage bottle again;

4. Fill the high-pressure gas cylinder and fire extinguishing agent, and sort out the equipment for next use and operation.


7.Care and maintenance

1. The used spray gun and liquid storage bottle shall be washed in time to prevent corrosion and blockage;

2. Keep the surface clean and dry, and wipe it with clean soft cloth or cotton yarn after use;

3. Take good care of the equipment and abandon the barbaric operation of damaging the equipment such as wrestling, collision and dragging;

4. The high-pressure gas cylinder shall be inflated according to the operating procedures and tested regularly.

5. The safety valve is set on the liquid storage bottle and has been adjusted before leaving the factory. Do not screw the adjusting nut by yourself. In case of hissing, this is the safety valve venting for protection. At this time, the stop valve can be closed first, and the residual gas in the liquid storage bottle can be discharged by using the exhaust valve for professional treatment.

6. If it is not often used, it is best to conduct a live drill.


8.Safety matters

1. Those who are not trained and qualified are not allowed to use.

2. In case of abnormal conditions, first close the stop valve to release the residual gas, and report to professional personnel for maintenance.

3. The product has a normal service life of 6 years and is overhauled every two years.

Special note: non professionals are not allowed to disassemble and change the product to avoid injury!


9. Application Are:

  • Religious sites:

Religious activity sites are places where religious believers hold collective religious activities, with dense personnel and complex facilities, and more stringent requirements for fire-fighting equipment. First of all, the fire extinguishing medium can not cause harm to the human body. After a fire, the densely populated places can not quickly withdraw from the fire site at one time. Therefore, the fire protection system requires to extinguish the fire without complete evacuation. Secondly, its building materials are mainly wood structure, and the fire-fighting grade requirements are high, so the general sprinkler system is difficult to meet its requirements.

  • Ancient dwellings:

Ancient folk houses mainly refer to ancient Chinese folk houses with wood structure as architectural characteristics. They often leave the impression that there is nothing to do in the face of fire. However, it retains the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture and customs, which is of great help to the study of ancient humanities, so its fire prevention and disaster prevention is essential. Ordinary fire extinguishing technology will inevitably leave a lot of residues in the fire extinguishing process, which will bring great difficulties to the later repair work.

  • Forest fire prevention:

Forest fire is not only the most dangerous enemy of the forest, but also the most terrible disaster of the forest. It will bring the most harmful and destructive consequences to the forest. Forest fires not only burn forests and damage animals in the forest, but also reduce the reproductive capacity of the forest, cause soil barrenness and destroy the role of the forest in water conservation, and even lead to the imbalance of the ecological environment.

  • Subway, airport and other crowded passenger transport centers

Airports, subways, passenger stations and other places have large passenger flow, noisy personnel, difficult to control fire safety, and can easily become terrorist attack sites. Therefore, fast and efficient fire-fighting equipment must be equipped for emergency use.


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