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1: Ozone disinfection in hospital sewage

The recently developed ozone water treatment technology has been widely used in hospital sewage treatment projects and has received excellent results. This is because ozone has a stronger oxidation capacity than chlorine, bleaching powder, and chlorine dioxide, and can be 600 faster than chlorine. -3000 times faster to kill all bacteria, viruses, etc. that cannot be completely killed by chlorine; it can separate some heavy metal ions Pb, Hg, etc. by oxidation and precipitation; in addition, ozone can also reduce the biochemical oxygen consumption (BOD) and Chemical oxygen demand (COD), nitrite removal, decolorization, deodorization, etc. The hospital sewage treated in this way can greatly improve the discharge standard, and can even be returned to be used as non-potable water.

2: Introduction to the technological process

The whole process can be processed in two stages, as shown in the figure.

A. Primary treatment
The main link is to discharge into urban sewage after disinfection and sterilization, and then enter the urban sewage treatment plant for advanced treatment.

B. Secondary treatment
The sewage after the secondary treatment can not only be sterilized and discharged, but also BOD and COD have been greatly reduced, reaching the national first-level sewage discharge standard, and can be directly discharged into the water body.

3: The advantages of ozone disinfection of hospital sewage

1. Ozone disinfection overcomes the dangers of other methods during transportation, storage and handling.
2. Ozone disinfection has a short contact time and can improve water quality. It is an excellent disinfectant.
3. Ozone can kill viruses and spores that cannot be killed by other methods such as chlorine.
4. The disinfection effect of ozone is not affected by the ammonia hydrogen content and PH value in the wastewater.
5. Ozone can be prepared from cheap air or oxygen as a gas source.
6. Due to the development of electronic technology and ozone generation technology in the past year, the energy consumption of today’s ozone generators has been greatly reduced, the volume is getting smaller and the operation stability has been greatly improved, and the current electricity bill is low, and the electricity is sufficient, so ozone is used in sewage treatment. The application of, has more and more obvious advantages.
7. The price of today’s ozone generator is comparable to that of sodium hypochlorite, chlorine, and chlorine dioxide generators.

In summary, the application of ozone to the disinfection of hospital wastewater has become an inevitable and optimal option.

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